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car repair eastbourne

Car Repairs Eastbourne

If your vehicle’s got a specific issue, South Coast Garage can help. Whether your turbo is faulty or your DPF needs checking, our specialists have you covered.

At South Coast Garage, our experts have decades of experience and knowledge to deal with any issues your vehicle has. You always get a quality first-time fix with us.

Keeping your vehicle in peak condition ensures even the most minor issues are identified before they worsen. You get improved reliability, efficiency, performance, and longevity.

Looking for car repairs Eastbourne? – We can help. Call our experts today for a quality repair.

car repair eastbourne

Why to choose South Coast Garage for car repair?

At South Coast Garage, our specialist technicians use a 15-step diagnostic process to get to the root cause of the problem. We find faults other garages might overlook, preventing them from becoming significant (and costly) problems.

Our parts and labour come with a 12-month guarantee, and we only use genuine manufacturer or high-quality equivalent parts during all repairs, servicing, and maintenance.

We always keep you in the loop, giving you excellent value throughout the entire process.

Call us today for quality car repairs Eastbourne.

Car diagnostics

At South Coast Garage, our specialists find faults other garages might miss. We use a 15-step diagnostic process to find minor faults, saving you time, money, and stress. Call our experts today and book your diagnostics Eastbourne check-up.

car repair eastbourne

Wheel alignment

Your wheels form a safe bond between your vehicle and the road. If they aren’t aligned correctly, it reduces your drivability and can put your safety at risk. If you’ve noticed your vehicle pulling to one side or uneven tyre wear, book your wheel alignment Eastbourne assessment today.

Call South Coast Garage today for all your car servicing Eastbourne needs


Your vehicle’s brakes need to be in prime condition to ensure your safety.

Poor brakes cause 25% of all road accidents, don’t become part of the statistic.

Call our team today and book your brakes Eastbourne assessment.

car repair eastbourne


Your battery gives your vehicle the power it needs to start. If it fails, it can leave you unable to drive your car… Nightmare.

There are many reasons batteries can fail. Luckily, our specialists have the skills, knowledge, and experience to solve the issue.

Book your batteries Eastbourne check today.

Clutch & Gearbox

Hearing grinding or whirring while you drive? Always skipping a gear?

These could be signs of a clutch & gearbox issue. Best to get it checked right away.

Call South Coast Garage and book your clutch & gearbox Eastbourne inspection.

car repair eastbourne

Call South Coast Garage today for all your car servicing Eastbourne needs


You want to pass your MOT emissions test, right? If so, your exhaust must be in excellent health.

Struggling to accelerate? Burning through fuel faster than usual? These could be signs of an exhaust fault.

Call South Coast Garage today for an assessment on your exhaust, Eastbourne.


Your Diesel Particulate Filter helps remove harmful chemicals from your vehicle’s emissions.

If it fails, you could fail your MOT, or your car might not start.

If you see black smoke coming from your exhaust, don’t wait around; call our team today and book your DPF Eastbourne check-up.

Carbon Cleaning

All vehicles get a build-up of carbon from time to time.

If it’s left unchecked, it can cause severe damage to your engine.

If you’ve noticed a loss of power or your acceleration isn’t smooth, call our team today and book your carbon cleaning Eastbourne.

car repair eastbourne

Call South Coast Garage today for all your car servicing Eastbourne needs

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as the years go by.

Like any vehicle, they need regular servicing to keep them in top condition. If you’ve got an electric vehicle, keep it running like new.

Book your electric vehicle servicing & repairs Eastbourne today.

car repair eastbourne


Your vehicle’s lighting systems help to keep you and others safe on the road.

If they’re faulty, your safety is at risk. Notice a problem with your lights? Don’t hesitate to call.

Call South Coast Garage today for a lighting Eastbourne appointment.


Want a smoother drive? If so, you need to keep your suspension in good health.

If you’ve noticed your steering or driving changing, you should have your suspension checked immediately.

car repair eastbourne

Call South Coast Garage today for all your car servicing Eastbourne needs

Our client reviews

  • Richard Tedeschi

    3rd May 2024

    Have been taking our Land Rover Defender 300Tdi for a couple of years and always satisfied with the good level of expertise and work carried out, also big thanks to Jack and Chloe for their patience and time keeping me informed booking appointments and answering any question.

  • Mark Valleley

    12th April 2024

    Very efficient service!

  • john jones

    15th February 2024

    Absolutely 1st class. The whole team were brilliant. Sorted us out when we were in need and had been massively let down by a supposedly good warranty company.
    Highly recommend taking your pride and joy to these guys.
    Thank you Richard and Kieran especially.
    John and Cas

  • Myron Whisker

    2nd February 2024

    Quick service, efficient and friendly business. Dealt with Chloe in the office and was very pleased with overall communication and customer service. Thank you guys!

  • Sean

    16th November 2023

    Job on car completed, no fuss or dramas. Polite and helpful

  • Stu R

    1st November 2023

    Excellent service as always.

  • Steve Pilfold

    28th July 2023

    Booked MOT online, completed in 45 mins, professional and no issues

  • Craig Carter

    16th May 2023

    Superb service from consumate professionals!

  • Shawn Martin

    5th May 2023

    Fixed my car and for half the price the manufacturer quoted me.

  • David Anderson

    30th December 2022

    Dealt with my issue without problem

  • David Calvert

    19th December 2022

  • Dan Harmer

    19th October 2022

    Very helpfull and reasonable, diagnosed the issue and told me the problem with my car wasn't something they would be able to fix ( Electronic gearbox fault ) and gave me recommendations for local companies who would be able to repair.

  • Richard D

    4th October 2022

    Excellent customer service. Car was valeted too. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you!

  • Ray Brough

    20th July 2022

    Good friendly service. No probs.

  • BulletSquadron1

    15th July 2022

    Fast and reliable, good pricing, excellent value for money. They filled my Cayenne AC with freon, all done in one hour. Friendly staff.

  • Simone Laughton

    23rd June 2022

    Always super helpful and polite for any queries we have on Landrovers, quick turn around when we've needed it. Highly recommended

  • Dogs as Guests Alyson Flower

    18th May 2022

    Great service from reception through to mechanics , super polite quick and efficient ?

  • Lou Keen

    7th January 2022

    I am so pleased to have found you! I booked online the night before for an MOT slot; when I delivered the car the reception staff were friendly and professional. Within 2 hours I received a call to say all was well and the car was ready to be collected. On arrival I was told there was a minor advisory, but nothing to worry about for now, just to keep an eye on it. I am so grateful to have... Read More

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